Country Home Decorating Style

If you are thinking of adding charm to your home then rustic styles are the best choice for you. This decorating style has a great appeal which provides a relaxing and comfortable environment to its users. It isn’t an obstacle bring in the outdoors into your home. You many not be able, to capture all features of a primitive looking mountain cabin but a lot of copying of the rough creations, rough hewn beams log wall, and other creations can be used to create that impressive rustic style. With the right use of textures and colors like that of the deep woods you can give a rustic appeal to your home. Earth tones, natural and neutral colors taken from the earth are the only colors that can help you create that style.

Use natural colors only:

There is no need to worry about any imperfections if there are any, as woods that do not have a fine plane only have to be used. Unpolished granite, exposed rock, massive stone hearths etc. create a natural impressive look. If you wish to make a dividing wall you can use stone and timber beams across the rooms ceiling to give it a more structural look.

Heavy textured materials like coarse woolens, hides of animals and rag rungs can be a good source. Make use of knotted woods, planks and logs to make the furniture with a commanding feel, which can be set against neutral and pale backgrounds.

Try and give a naturally worn out look to the different pieces and items in the rustic home. One of the most familiar pieces seen in rustic homes are tree trunk coffee tables which most people try to add whenever possible in their homes. Dining areas will have tables made of long planks flanked by wooden armed chairs.

A rag rug in oval shape or a bear skin rug set can help define the space. Quilts made from patchwork provide a cozy feel to the home. To store magazines you can use an old wash tub, flowers can be arranged in water cans, chipped mirrors, blanket boxes for storage are some of the other accessories which help in enhancing the look in rustic homes.

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