Using Home Decor to Find Love

Most people don’t think of home decorating as a dating tool. However the way that you keep and decorate your home says a lot about who you are as a person. You have to be aware that the first time you invite someone into your personal space they will be judging you, so why not make sure they judge you favorably?

Another important aspect to consider is the fact that human beings tend to react to the environments that they are exposed to. If you can control the environment, you will have greater control over how they react in that environment.

The first, most basic rule for developing a home that will attract the opposite sex is to keep the place clean. Nobody likes a mess, a nasty smell is not sexy, and garbage will turn off members of both sexes.

You should also try and keep the place clear of clutter. Having a thousand decorative doodads standing around on every free surface will make the place feel claustrophobic, crowded, and will over stimulate people’s senses.

However you also have to be careful not to go too empty. A plain boring space will dull a persons mind, making them feel lethargic and uninspired. You want to be exciting, to be memorable, and that is how your home should feel.

When you get down to actual decorating, color is an important element that can be used to drastically change the ambiance of the space.

Paint is inexpensive, and relatively easy to apply to the walls of your home. If you don’t want to alter things that much, try painting just the molding using a color which contrasts with the basic tones of the room and the wall.

It is important to be aware of the symbolic meaning of different colors. Red is the most passionate color, and is almost always romantic in any of its many tones ranging from crimson to pink blush. However red is also a violent, angry tone, and using it too much can make a space feel hot, and overbearing.

Black is a great color for creating contrast. It is so stark and deep, that it will instantly contend with just about any tone it is placed against. This contrast will add energy and excitement to the space.

There are also certain amber tones which can be quite effective in making a romantic atmosphere. Green, when used in certain hues, has the ability to make a space feel vibrant, and full of life.

It is important that you use only attractive colors, and that you don’t overwhelm a space with disparate hues. Always check a color wheel or consult with others to make certain that your various tones match one another.

Illumination is another important factor in creating a romantic abode. While you may have to have bright, powerful, overhead lights to see by during the day, you should also have softer backup lights for evening encounters.

These ambient fixtures can include recessed lighting, certain lamps, or floor illuminations. There are also a variety of mood lighting fixtures which can be purchased, such as stone filtered onyx lamps.

One decorating element which often gets overlooked is texture. In general texture is experienced through touch, although by looking at something we can also anticipate how it will feel.

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